Depot News

  • TAs: When you have handed out your lab kits, don't forget to return your student sign-out sheet to the Depot!
  • If a lab kit has missing or defective parts, come to the Depot for a free replacement (if you break/lose parts you will have to buy replacements with Gopher GOLD)
  • Try our new searchable live inventory (still in beta, only on campus/VPN)

Welcome to the ECE Depot, home of all your electrical and electronics supply needs!

The ECE Depot can be found in KHKH 2-126, and is usually open between the hours of 9 AM and 4:30 PM Monday-Friday (see the Calendar for the upcoming depot schedule). The Depot is also the receiving location for many packages sent to Keller Hall. 

For questions, contact [email protected].

The ECE Depot provides assistance finding parts required for class, student group and research projects.

Only three forms of payment are accepted in the depot:

  1. You can use your account card or apply for an account by filling out this Google Form. Make sure you are signed into your UMN Google Account.
  2. Several courses have budgets set up at the beginning of each semester for project work. 
  3. Gopher Gold.  You can reload your account at https://ucard.tc.umn.edu/gopher-gold.
  4. If you need to make a special order for parts that we do not have in-stock, please contact Dave Ballard ([email protected]).